My Best Blogging Time Saving Help and Tips

Hello, can you believe it’s 2019? One of my goals this year is implementing anything I can to save me time! Whoah – epic task.

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Blogging is a big job with a never-ending to-do list.

I hope these tips help you like they helped me.

Saving time and achieving a rewarding blogging result whether it’s more email subscribers, more traffic, more social followers!

All these achievements are steps towards climbing your blogging mountain.

Be proud of every little blogging victory.

A very helpfully recommendation to join Tailwind was given to me when I was first starting out. I want to offer you this same piece of blogging advice -Tailwind free to join and see if it’s for you. Tailwind saves you so much time through automizing your Pinterest and Instagrams posts. Tailwind helps you schedule your posts at the best time for your audience – helping you build an engaging audience and saving you hours a week. Once you get the hang of scheduling in this way is a breeze. You can be out at dinner and get a notification you have posted – while you play Tailwind works for you. You can get started with Tailwind for free using this link.

Time saving blogging help - Start a Fashion Blog

Often blogging feels chaotic, intense and little you are in a sea of information.

Time might feel like it is vanishing, hours become seconds.

How are you going to accomplish your blogging dreams?

This the way I get through, these are my best time-saving blogging tips?

1. Create A Weekly Blogging Schedule

I remember a time when the idea of making a weekly schedule felt impossible. Some weeks it still is a daunting task. Often there has been way too many things swimming around in my brain, I have had way too many browser windows open to focus on the possibility of a weekly schedule.

Scheduling allowed me to create this blog!

I remember wanting to create Start A Fashion Blog and also remember thinking but How was I going to find the time to start a second blog?

The answer was scheduling as hard and as impossible as it seems. Its the solution to the feeling of being overwhelmed by blogging.

Time saving blogging help - Start a Fashion Blog

2. Have A Clear Social Media Marketing Plan

I look forward to time spent on social media for my blogs. I truly get excited each day posting, commenting, uploading and following. Though I could spend all day and night and every day and night after that on social and still not be on top of every social media platform out there and try and get the other zillion things done I need to do. These are my best social media marketing tips:

  • Create a list of social media goals. Why? These goals will help you select your best social media platforms to focus your time and energy on.
  • I recommend you focus on 3 social media accounts when you are starting out. You can’t to it all.
  • Make Pinterest 1 of the 3; Pinterest accounts for 90% of my traffic on both my blogs. I would suggest that 99% of bloggers would say the same.
  • Facebook can be a major traffic driver if you are an active group member
  • Instagram is brand awareness and helps your blog/brand reach not traffic. Highly beneficial depending on your goals.
  • Google Plus helps SEO
  • Set a time limit
  • Sign up for free to Tailwind using this link.

Obviously, I could go on and on but I think these points are perfect to focus on for clarity and direction to saving you time blogging. x

3. Mix Your Creative Imagery With ‘Free’ Stock Images

I loved to source products, style a flat lay and edit the photo in Photoshop. If you have read my story this had been a lot of my career for many years. Hey, I thought using stock images was just something I wouldn’t do. At first, I sourced, styled, shot photos, tweaked, edited in Photoshop, – umm stop I was not getting anywhere. How on earth was I going to do all that I needed to do to run my blog? I also needed to write, be on top of SEO, analytics, affiliates, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Google + this list goes on – my head was spinning. Then I found these gems!

These NOT affiliate links I am promoting these stock images sites as I want to share the love and continue these amazing service for all new bloggers out there.

Unsplash – Absolutely love these stock images, high quality and variety, plenty in the search, my number one place to go.

Pexels – Top of my go-to list, excellent search, high-quality images and they have an extensive range. Perfect for bloggers and creative minds.

StockSnap – Colourful and plentiful imagery, creative and unique high-quality images

Hope this is helpful!

Email me at with any suggestions, tips and/or partnership ideas – I would love to hear from you.