How to Start a Money Making Blog in 2019 – 3 Easy Steps


Congratulations and welcome, you must be to learn how to start a blog or grow your blog! I have an abundance of information to share with you.

When I finally trained myself how to start a blog my life changed. A suddenly had a creative outlet, a way to connect, a purpose and a way to make money from home (from anywhere). What does blogging mean to you?

If you haven’t started a blog already decide today is the day follow these 3 easy steps – how to start a blog and make money in no time. 

How to start a blog and be blogging in 30 minutes

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Follow these 3 Easy Steps to Start a Blog

1. Reserve your Domain Name

Coming up with a domain name is tricky and time-consuming – a rabbit hole. If you happen to think of a name that is available – grab it. You can park it. Available domain names are very cheap compared to having to buy one from someone else – I have all my domain names with GoDaddy.

You can always change a name later and add a redirection – hosting companies like SiteGround make that easy to set up.

Reader Offer 1

Get your first domain name for just $0.99

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Exclusive link to get 30% off your entire order – that is as many domains are you want.

For me offer 2 is gold – I like to have a few domain names ‘just in case’ – I love blogging and like to have domains parked ready for my next blog idea.

GoDaddy keeps all your domains organised in one place making it easy to renew, activate and keep track of everything.

How to start a blog and be blogging in 30 minutes

2. Find a Hosting Provider for your Blog

Somewhere cozy for your blog to live, for this the best hosting place is SiteGround.

+ you can register your domain here if you haven’t already.

SiteGround is the hosting company I use. There are lots of hosting companies, you might think as a new blogger you should choose the cheapest hosting – don’t. I use SiteGround as they have the fastest, most secure and have amazing customer service, so so helpful – I can’t stress this enough.

Head to SiteGround and choose a plan – once you choose your plan SiteGround will allow you to choose whether want a domain with them. If you buy a domain with them you will be guided.

If you have a domain with GoDaddy connect is only 2 steps!

  • Login to your SiteGround account and through to ‘My Accounts’, the drop-down ‘Information & Settings’.
  • Then you will enter your domain name and SiteGround hosting will manage from there.

How to start a blog and be blogging in 30 minutes

3. Create your blog with

Yes, you are already creating your actual blog!

SiteGround make it very easy to create a WordPress blog, for FREE!

NB: is the right choice if you think you might want to run your blog as a business. is for hobbies.

This takes 5 minutes:

  1. Login to your SiteGround account and through to ‘My Accounts’, you are looking for’ Go to cPanel’.
  2. Look down to ‘Autoinstallers’ click ‘WordPress’, then ‘install’.
  3. Fill in the spaces provided, maybe take a screenshot for future reference! In-Directory can be blank.
  4. Install, you will be taken to a success page with your WordPress admin URL (another good one to screenshot for future reference).
  5. You will be asked to select a theme, you can do things and change it once you get a feel for your new blog.
  6. Select start building and personal or business.

You are set to create on your new blog!

Best wishes! I am here to help!


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