10 Clever ways to create unique stand-out content for your blog

10 Clever ways to create unique stand-out content for your blog

Hi there, today’s post has two main parts, the first is the idea, the creative mastermind behind your blog – what it is about and how to make it happen. The second part is the techy side – how to have an actual blog to produce your content on. We will get to both – get excited there are a lot of solutions, advice and how-to’s coming your way.

1. The conceptual / idea part

The conceptual part is deciding on the content for your blog, creating an idea into something you can blog about. Creating content that draws in an audience, which means for you potentially making it more than a hobby – there is a chance you can make it your full-time career. If you would prefer to start with the tech that’s ok, you can do the parts in the order you choose. Details of this are just below.

2. The tech part

The technical part of creating your blog means you need to create an actual ‘live’ platform from which you are going to blog. You can do this in 30 minutes or less by clicking this link here How to start your blog in 30 minutes or less.

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How to start a minimalist fashion blog

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Hi, so good to have you here – Start a Fashion Blog is an educational resource for anybody interested in blogging. I am Harper and I have been working passionately and at times endlessly hard on my style, fashion and well-being blog ownmuse.com and learned so much I have created startafashionblog.com to share all that I have learned.

Minimalism is a trendy popular niche at the moment – a niche that is only going to increase in interest. Life isn’t slowing down, social media, and the feeling we are always needing to be on is full on. We don’t have much control over the matter. One thing we can control is how we live, our lifestyle, our home our style our wardrobe – this is where becoming a minimalist is becoming more of a topical, and minimalism becoming more important than ever before.

Quick blogging tip: I wanted to mention if you take one piece of advice from this blog – as a new blogger check out Tailwind. There is an overwhelming amount to do as a new blogger and above all, you want what you blog amount to reach people. Tailwind automates your social reach. Sign up for FREE – you can cancel if you change your mind its the perfect first step. xx

Back to this post… Minimalism is a quest to own less – that is own fewer possessions. The less is more motto is the core of being a minimalist. Those that have achieved creating a minimalist wardrobe speak of a new found freedom, being liberated, having more to wear and no longer craving to spend.

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Monetize your blog – the best strategy

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Getting paid to promote brands you buy, or any products and services that you are honestly and sincerely passionate about – might seem like a dream. But it is well within your reach – even as a new blogger.

Set up your blog to make money from the beginning and before you know it, you will be on your way to making a passive income. A passive income is making money while you do other things that aren’t working on your business. A passive income literally is about setting up the building blocks so you get paid while you sleep. There are a few tips below that are paramount to monetarizing your blog.

It’s not about making money per se, it’s about genuinely supporting a network of brands that will support you in return. Your audience will see through you just adding links here and there to make money. I really had to do some digging to answer my own questions about monetizing my blogs. I am about to explain to you how to make money blogging, with some personal stories and what works and what doesn’t.

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Easy ways to increase your blog traffic

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Tailwind is every blogger’s essential social media tool. Nearly every blogger will tell you – commit time to Pinterest and you will drastically improve traffic to your blog. Tailwind is a smart scheduler that determines the best time to pin to Pinterest and post to Instagram. Using Tailwind will increase traffic to your blog. Tailwind is approved by Pinterest and Instagram, which means you work with the algorithms not against it. Pinterest and Instagram want you to use Tailwind as they want more good quality content, so it’s a win-win for your social accounts.

Here is your link to dramatically increase your blog traffic using Tailwind – ‘Start a Fashion Blog’ readers free trial.

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How to Start a Money Making Blog in 2019 – 3 Easy Steps


Congratulations and welcome, you must be to learn how to start a blog or grow your blog! I have an abundance of information to share with you.

When I finally trained myself how to start a blog my life changed. A suddenly had a creative outlet, a way to connect, a purpose and a way to make money from home (from anywhere). What does blogging mean to you?

If you haven’t started a blog already decide today is the day follow these 3 easy steps – how to start a blog and make money in no time. 

How to start a blog and be blogging in 30 minutes

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