How to start a minimalist fashion blog

How to start a minimalist blog, fashion bloggers, beauty blog how to, style bloggers tip and ideas. Blogging inspiration, blog inspo

Hi, so good to have you here – Start a Fashion Blog is an educational resource for anybody interested in blogging. I am Harper and I have been working passionately and at times endlessly hard on my style, fashion and well-being blog and learned so much I have created to share all that I have learned.

Minimalism is a trendy popular niche at the moment – a niche that is only going to increase in interest. Life isn’t slowing down, social media, and the feeling we are always needing to be on is full on. We don’t have much control over the matter. One thing we can control is how we live, our lifestyle, our home our style our wardrobe – this is where becoming a minimalist is becoming more of a topical, and minimalism becoming more important than ever before.

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Back to this post… Minimalism is a quest to own less – that is own fewer possessions. The less is more motto is the core of being a minimalist. Those that have achieved creating a minimalist wardrobe speak of a new found freedom, being liberated, having more to wear and no longer craving to spend.

Who is a minimalist?

A minimalist is anyone who makes a decision to downsize their wardrobe (often their entire life and lifestyle). Making a decision to only own items that express a deep meaning and/or serve a deep purpose and use. A minimalist has an immense appreciation of materials and the purpose they hold. Minimalism creates inner peace and deep satisfaction for those who commit to it, creating a new level of personal freedom. Minimalism could be compared to simple living but yet I can find a lengthy opposition to this statement and argue that minimalism could be seen as complex and not simple at all. Minimalism is a lifestyle, a connection to function and purpose, freedom and passion.

Why is minimalism important in fashion?

Focusing on ethics, fabrics, tailoring, cuts, shapes and textures are all important to fashion designers when they are creating fashion. Through a deliberate appreciation of these fashion qualities as a consumer, we are respecting the workmanship and the entire process of creation. Minimalist fashion clearly respects all these values with considerate and deliberation passion. The money and time spent in the process of creating – is appreciated and treasured – fashion items are savoured and held (literally and metaphorically) with meaning. This then is apparent to us as the consumer and our wallets, we only buy quality fashion pieces which fill a void in our wardrobes, we wear them with delight and enjoy their presence of a long period of time.

How to start a minimalist blog, fashion bloggers, beauty blog how to, style bloggers tip and ideas. Blogging inspiration, blog inspo

What do minimalists wear?

Minimalist fashionistas wear the same as everyone else – though they have clarity. They have key pieces the each serves a purpose often called a capsule wardrobe. They have a range of fashion items and accessories that are interchangeable and often are no more than about 30 items. They can be seasonal or that might be their entire wardrobe. Every piece in a minimalist’s wardrobe holds a symbolic meaning, has a deep connection to the owner and is classified a favourite piece. Minimalists are often very classy, smart and stylish people – they know what suits them and they feel powerful in the items that they own. A minimalist’s style is often the envy of others. They look like they have fashion worked out and they do – they have fashion pieces that they really love, a huge achievement compared to many a mass consumer.

What should you write about when starting a minimalist blog?

There is SO much to blog about as a minimalist fashion blogger. Minimalism is a strong fashion niche and has a clear audience, with clear goals and objectives. Below are some ideas for any more interested in creating a fashion blog about minimalist fashion. All or some of these categories would be very useful to a minimalist fashion blogger.

  1. Ethical fashion
  2. Your closet organisation, how to clear out your wardrobe
  3. Minimalist capsule wardrobes – include all season ie: Minimalist capsule wardrobe summer, winter etc.
  4. Minimalist capsule wardrobe basics, teachers, office, students, mamas.
  5. Other minimalist bloggers – network and support each other
  6. Minimalist products
  7. Minimalist books and inspiration
  8. Minimalist traveller
  9. Minimalist fashion designers
  10. Workmanship and quality versus consumerism and mass production.

How to start a minimalist blog, fashion bloggers, beauty blog how to, style bloggers tip and ideas. Blogging inspiration, blog inspo

How to start your minimalist fashion blog?

  1. A step-by-step how to have you ready to start blogging in 20 minutes! Yes, 30 minutes or less. Your dream can start today. Getting the technical side up and running is as easy and quick as following these instructions, How to start your blog in 30 minutes or less.
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Good Luck!

Please feel free to add your new blog in the comments below to share, I would really love to see what you have created.

Email me at with any suggestions, tips and/or partnership ideas – I would love to hear from you.


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