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Getting paid to promote brands you buy, or any products and services that you are honestly and sincerely passionate about – might seem like a dream. But it is well within your reach – even as a new blogger.

Set up your blog to make money from the beginning and before you know it, you will be on your way to making a passive income. A passive income is making money while you do other things that aren’t working on your business. A passive income literally is about setting up the building blocks so you get paid while you sleep. There are a few tips below that are paramount to monetarizing your blog.

It’s not about making money per se, it’s about genuinely supporting a network of brands that will support you in return. Your audience will see through you just adding links here and there to make money. I really had to do some digging to answer my own questions about monetizing my blogs. I am about to explain to you how to make money blogging, with some personal stories and what works and what doesn’t.

Affiliate links

Affiliate links are links to products or services that you embed on your blog. These links pay you are a small amount of revenue for your referrals. You need to join affiliate programs to create these links. Some brands have their own programs and or/are a member of affiliate companies programs.

This is the story of my affiliate journey for my style blog. I have created other blogs over the years, OwnMuse is a style blog with a holistic approach to feeling good about yourself and being you. Content is based around style and wellbeing; including making a capsule wardrobe, shopping, fashion, beauty, health and self-care. The blog posts and editorial pages include affiliate links to products. I started with ShopStyle Collective, they have PPC (price per click) or CPA (cost per acquisition), I started with PPC.  Generally, it’s about 5 cents for every 3 clicks of a product. Each time I logged in to my account an extra 5-50 cents would increase on my overall total. It was a slow process at first, there is satisfaction in seeing the tally go up but it is very minimal at first. Then I received my first sale, which I received 15cents for from ShopStyle Collective – the sale was a pair of Givenchy boots worth $1,800. Had I been on CPA not PPC I would have received 7% of that – approximately $126 versus 15cents…. yikes. I then received 10cents each for 2 sales of $120. I had to change things.

I reached out to some of my favourite fashion labels like SSENSE, directly emailing their in-house affiliate contacts. I explained about OwnMuse, why I loved their brand and emailed a sincere personalised message. The correspondence I received back was reassuring and it was nice to get a little feedback and support for what I was doing. I was invited to join their programs. Some brands have in-house programs and some use affiliate companies. Unlike ShopStyle Collective, they need to accept your request to join or vice versa, companies will find you on the affiliate site and ask you to join. This is all about building a solid brand relationship.

I recommend you join these 3 affiliate programs, they accept new bloggers. Once you are a member of these 3 that’s enough to get started. Have a look through the brands/merchants and don’t overdo it. Stick to the brands you actually shop from or services you use. It’s a lot easier to write about and promote something you love and sincerely know about!

  1. ShareASale – A long-standing affiliate company, they have been in business for 18 years! Renown for a fast interface and long-standing brand partnerships. Perfect for fashion, beauty and blogging products and services. Join the ShareASale affiliate program here for FREE– I recommend you join, it’s easy, once you have your membership scroll through their merchants. There many to choose from so be sure to list by category, request to join programs, start making money.
  2. CJ Affiliate (previously known as Conversant) – This affiliate program has plenty of fashion, beauty brands. Easy to use links and excellent customer service. A huge affiliate network with the power to link millions of influencers and brands.
  3. LinkShare (also known as Rakuten Marketing) – Another great source of fashion and beauty brands to connect with. Some high-end designer brands that most likely shop from regularly. Also easy to use and excellent customer support.

Sometimes you reach out to become an affiliate and get declined. For whatever reason, try again in 3 months if you feel that they are really a company you want to support. You will get most likely more than enough acceptances to get started.


Keep this one in the back of your mind. If you are a new blogger it’s important to start working through some content ie: writing some blog posts, finding supporting imagery and marketing those posts on social. The last part marketing them on social will help you start to pave the look, feel and style of your blog. You might think I know exactly what I want to create. But part of the blogging process is creating something your audience wants to read, view and interact with. Once you see which blog posts get the most interest, traffic and clicks you will be able to start working out a product that would suit your blog. Products are a clever way to add revenue to your blog. There are many techniques for selling your products. But first things first – what product/s could you sell? A very popular product is an e-book which is sold for a set amount and downloaded. There are many physical products you can sell such as badges, stickers or t-shirts – it’s up to your imagination. Start having a think now as creating a product is a very positive way to create income for your blog. It will take time – possible a lot of time to create this product so it’s good to plant the seed early.

Create a course

Do you have a love of learning, do you have something to share with others? Why not give creating an online course a go? You can try creating an online course for FREE with Thinkific by clicking this ‘Start a Fashion Blog’ reader exclusive link. I highly recommend them, their courses are created to be used. What I mean by this is when you create a course with Thific it’s designed for the student. Creating a course designed for students to easily learn from is paramount in selling a product people are satisfied with. This will endeavour to bring people back for your next course.


I have mixed opinions on ads – thinking about it… I’ll come back to you.

Hope this helps you monetize your site,

Any more ideas? Always keen to hear them – add to comments below.

Thank you for reading!

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