There are 2 parts to creating and starting your blogging dream.

1. The conceptual part

The conceptual part is deciding on the content for your blog, creating an idea into something you can blog about. Creating content that draws in an audience, which means for you potentially making it more than a hobby – there is a chance you can make it your full-time career. If you would prefer to start with the technical that’s ok, you can do the parts in the order you choose. Details of this are just below.

2. The technical part

The technical part of creating your blog means you need to create an actual ‘live’ platform from which you are going to blog. You can do this in 30 minutes or less by clicking this link here How to start your blog in 30 minutes or less.

Content for your blog - woman with camera

The conceptual part of starting blogging – Creating content for your blog

Find your niche + solving problems = a balanced blog

What is a blogging niche? A niche is creating content that is relevant and interesting to a target audience. It means your blog has a focus and concept which ties it together.

How to find your blogging niche? As the domain name suggests my niche is ‘Fashion’ a huge niche that in my mind includes style, beauty, street-style, capsule wardrobes, mama fashion, alternative fashion, designer fashion, high street, bargain shopping, wardrobe organisation… there are thousands of combinations. This blog is also about blogging so the content is relevant to those starting a blog, who have a blog and those who are interested in collaborating, helping and sharing their love of blogging.

How to define your blogging niche? Defining your blogging niche is a gut instinct, it’s about passion – if you feel excited about something you will be motivated to work hard at it, even when you are tired (ok often exhausted) but it won’t be an ardours task. Finding your niche is exciting, you literally can’t wait to be blogging! It’s the time of the day when you have done all the things you ‘had to do’ – it’s a treat, it’s fun, it’s creative, it’s your outlet. Look there are times it’s heartbreaking too, adding in affiliates in the hope you make a little coffee money and nothing, a few clicks that’s all… frustrating.

Find a problem and answer that problem. I recommend narrowing down your fashion/beauty/style interests. It’s important to meet halfway between what you want to write about and what people are wanting to read about. It’s important to be creating a solution, helping people with something!

Start creating blogging content

Write down 5-10 few fashion/beauty/style problems, dilemmas. What have you written? Can they all be sub-categories of your blog? Or do you see a part and these dilemmas could be your blog content? Either one is helpful and starting to help you form your fashion blog content. Solving problems is what people are searching.

What to blog about? The perfect blog content ideas are – How to, Ultimate guide, Benefits, Checklist, Reasons to, Ideas, Rules…  these key content creators also double as the perfect buzz keywords to target and help tremendously in creating content for social, as well as tagging, pin descriptions and SEO.


Paper first then technology

I feel strongly about sitting down with a tea or coffee and writing (or typing) your heartfelt dreams for your blog or website. Create a checklist of bullet points, draw a diagram, list, feel and be you. Removing your ideas from the influences you aspire to be like will help you create a plan and an idea for something unique and original. Once you have written a good amount down. Work out where you sit in the market. What is it you want to offer.


Blogging is a journey, it’s better to start than wait for the perfect moment. The perfect time is now. Continue this moment and write constantly. If you are finding it hard to start I suggest you click this link here How to start your blog in 20 minutes or less. Once you have the technical blog underway some people will suit this strategy – your blog is up, live and you will just get going. It’s a journey. Your blog will evolve with you. You will look back in time and possibly some of the strong themes will not be your most successful and some of the things you nearly didn’t do are what goes viral. Give it a go, good luck!

Be yourself

Of course, you will look to others for inspiration. I can’t stress how important it is to be yourself, be passionate and feel the energy of what you think, flow through your work. But when it comes down to it, be you! Be unique, stop looking elsewhere are look within. Start typing and see where you go. Come back and fill in the blanks, research, add images, links and references. But feel the freedom to just be in the moment and get the ideas out – the words on the page.

Build a community

It’s important to choose 2-3 social platforms to start with. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed and not stick to the game plan, lose heart and give up. Pinterest is the bloggers favourite with most bloggers saying it accounts for 80-90%+ of their traffic. I have met some bloggers who find Facebook especially having a Facebook group is a sure way to bring traffic to your site. Personally start with what you are comfortable with a build up from there. Remember to create business profiles from the beginning.


Meeting other bloggers online is so much fun. Coming from an introvert – you can be sure that I really mean it. Generally, people have the same goal and that’s too supportive, kind and mindful that what people are posting in generally coming from the heart. Facebook is a very engaging community – Facebook groups offer a lot of support, ideas and a means to help others, self-promote and share content.

Use products and services

There is an abundance of powerful blogging tools available. An overwhelming infinite amount.

** I am still working on this part **


Enrol in learning, e-books and courses are an incredibly easy way to learn on your own schedule.

Now I am sure you remember the start of this post, there are 2 strategies to starting your blogging dream. If you haven’t already it’s time to commence the technical start – if you have done that – congratulations, please share a link to your new blog in the comments below. The technical start is creating an actual ‘live’ platform from which you are going to blog. You can do this in 30 minutes or less by clicking this link here How to start your blog in 30 minutes or less.

Good Luck!

Email me at with any suggestions, tips and/or partnership ideas – I would love to hear from you.