Email Marketing Tips to Help your Business Succeed


Yes, social media is important but don’t underestimate the power of email marketing. Take advantage of all readily engaged readers, you have gained their interest in your brand. Extend benefits, campaigns, and content to them – we’ll get into that shortly.

Email Marketing Tips to Help your Business Succeed

Overcoming the Fear of Email Marketing

The thought of email marketing was overwhelming to me for some time. I had it on my to-do list: ‘Create an engaging email marketing strategy’ or even ‘Start an email marketing strategy’.

I knew that email marketing was important. I knew that it was the people that were already interested in my content wanting to sign up and to be engaged with what I was producing. But somehow emailing marketing felt scary and unknown. I had no plan.

An effective marketing strategy does not come from email only or only utilising one social media tool but projects from a strong plan from many avenues.

A marketing strategy including an email marketing plan and maybe 2 social media marketing plans are your best marketing strategy plan when you starting out. You can’t do it all – especially when everything is new.

Email Marketing Tips to Help your Business Succeed

I highly recommend integrating social networks into your email marketing strategy

When you include social networks into your email marketing you are increasing the potential reach. You can invite subscribers to join your social networks and invite subscribers on your social networks to join your email subscriber lists. This connection will unify your brand, help you get to know your audience, promote your brand wholeheartedly and cohesively and ultimately help you make money blogging. For more money making tips read this post.

An email marketing plan is vital for success. I type these words and I am remembering just how hard it was to create an email marketing strategy.

Email Marketing Tips to Help your Business Succeed

Gain Subscribers through a Reward-based Incentive Strategy

A clever tip for gaining subscribers is an incentive plan, that is a reward based marketing strategy.

This may include incentives, discounts, free printables, exclusive access to your site, images or other digital products.

This is my perfect opt-in. If you search google there isn’t much that will help you like this ideas list I have created – which is why it’s gold. My readers are getting something useful that they can’t get somewhere else.

It took me some time to create this opt-in, it solves a lot of email problems.

I remember thinking I could email everyone from my Google Suite Business Gmail account.

Take this reward-based incentive above – I thought I could email this one incentive to anyone subscribes. But what about the next reward-based incentive, how would I keep track of who was to receive what incentive? What a time-consuming processes to manually email subscribers each printable even if I could keep track of who wanted what incentive.

Then I discovered ConvertKit.

ConvertKit Offers a broad range of Email Styles to Send your Subscribers

  • Email welcome series
  • Opt-ins
  • Ways to upsell products
  • Jump ahead to your most recent email
  • Personalising emails and subscriber interests through tagging
  • Create a survey to gain subscriber feedback

Try ConvertKit – This link allows you to have one-month to trial ConvertKit free of charge.

Email Marketing Tips to Help your Business Succeed

Email Marketing Tips for Success

  1. Branded Email Address

    Using a branded email address shows you are a professional – what you have to say is of value. This will help makes sure your email gets opened.

  2. Add a Call to Action

    When writing email content you need to remember to add a ‘call to action’ – this is proven to have a successful result. You are telling subscribers how to react to your content – this will increase your measure of success.

  3. Social Media Icons

    An excellent way to increase social media followers organically is to include social media icons in your emails. Your subscribers are interested in your content there is a good chance they will want to follow your social media accounts too.

  4. Add Social Media Feeds to your Email

    You can automate social feed updates to your email subscribers keeping them updated with all social media through one source – email. Automation programs like Zapier do this.

  5. Insert Email Subscribe on Facebook

    Make sure you add an option for your Facebook followers to subscribe to your email directly from Facebook.

  6. Create an Exclusive Community

    People like to belong – by creating an exclusive community, private Facebook group or offering VIP treatment there are substantial benefits for your business.

  7. Invest in an Email Marketing Platform

    I wish I had invested in ConvertKit¬†from day one. I would have many more subscribers and to be honest I wouldn’t have carried the fear of email marketing around for so long.

  8. Outstanding Subject Line

    A predicted 100+ emails a day get received by the average person, you need your emails to stand out to be opened. Make sure to have personality, be short and sweet. Asking questions and using emoji’s can be a successful solution to increase your email open rates.

  9. Subjects to Avoid

    You don’t want your email to get delivered to someone’s spam folder after all that hard work. Avoid subjects with spam triggers – words like great, click here, cancel, free, amazing and special are not recommended.

  10. Friendly – Not Too Friendly

    Don’t overdo it with the frequency of emails. I know I have unsubscribed from a brand or blogger because I received too many emails. Finding the right balance is hard – think how often you would like to be contacted. Once a week at most and maybe twice a month at least is a good balance for email communication.

Overwhelmed? It’s ok, I am here to help.

I get it – take a breath and we will keep going in a moment.

It’s ok to make mistakes – I feel like that isn’t said enough. With blogging advice, you feel like you should be accomplishing everything all at once. That’s not realistic or possible. So take one step at a time.

Opt-In Guidelines

Creating the Perfect Opt-In to Gain Email Subscribers

Solving a problem, that is creating a solution for some is your best opt-in. This solution needs to be focused on why people are coming to your site. A little tricky – you need to check Pinterest and your analytics and get a clear picture of what is working to answer this. Once you find out then this is your best bet for a successful subscriber opt-in.

Mix Up Opt-Ins

One of the benefits of choosing ConvertKit means you can utilise tagging. ConvertKit will auto-tag subscribers depending on which opt-in they choose. Include a different reward-based incentive in different blog posts, play around, test what works. You will quickly see what is working and what isn’t.

Opt-in Rule

All blog posts (at least your highest traffic blog posts) need to have an opt-in option to gain subscribers.

Email Marketing Tips to Help your Business Succeed

Step-by-step Guide to Setting Up a ConvertKit Welcome Series

You have new subscribers! High-fives, what an exciting first step.

What do you email your new subscribers?

Create 3-5 emails in your email welcome series.

Remember they are already interested in your content and your reward-based incentive opt-in, it’s now crucial you keep them interested.

ConvertKit helps you keep all your emails in order and easily editable as you grow with your blog.

  1. Email Welcome Series – Send a Welcome

    Talk to your subscribers as friends, be you and be real. This will be consistent across all your email marketing, social and blog posts. Start by telling your new subscriber about yourself and asking them about them too. Questions are engaging and important, it’s a two-way conversation.

  2. Email Welcome Series – 2nd Email

    Continue the email from above. Include a tip or piece of advice. Introduce the tip or advice through a personal story. Remember the two-way conversation, ask questions and reflect with care. You might get replies and this is the aim to start building a connection, trust and loyalty with your subscribers.

  3. Email Welcome Series – 3rd Email

    Share a post that you feel is relevant, that has high traffic or you would like to re-work. Ask them to comment on it. Ask in a way you would like to be asked, as a friend.

  4. Email Welcome Series – 4th Email

    Focus on your subscriber, make this email all about them. Ask how you can help. This is a powerful tool for future opt-ins and discovering what problems your subscribers are tackling and how you might offer them help in solving these problems.

  5. Email Welcome Series – 5th Email

    Offer your new subscribers a way to connect via social media, possibly access to your exclusive private Facebook Group. Make sure to make this about them and how it’s going to be beneficial for them.

This welcome series is the building blocks of your connection with your subscribers.

How to Create a Product Sales Funnel for Email

It’s important to remember what all this hard work is about – yes you love blogging. But you need to monetize your blog.

A sales funnel helps you sell affiliates, digital products, actual products and courses to your subscribers.

Email Marketing Tips to Help your Business Succeed

It’s important to keep communicating and not sell too soon!

This is another 4-5 emails of helpful tips, advice and building your trust with your subscriber.

Creating an easy sales funnel is another reason you need ConvertKit.

Sales Funnel Emails Ideas for New Subscribers

  • Time management
  • Blogging resources
  • Money making tips
  • What can blogging do for you?
  • Debunking the myth of there are too many blogs already
  • Belonging to a community – love and support
  • Step-by-step how to start a blog

Seeing your email list as a group of friends is the best way to communicate. Keep the connection going and be consistent.

If you don’t succeed the first time, move on.

Successful blogging comes to those who work the hardest and keep trying.

Try to focus on positives and reward yourself for those. Each new subscriber is a success and should be seen as an achievement.

Focus more on those who are interested in your content and less on those that aren’t.

It’s trial and error.

You can contact me by signing up.

Best, Harper

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