10 Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers Earning more than $40,000 a Month Online


How To Start A Blog And Make Money (with very little spare time)

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10 Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers Earning more than $40,000 a Month Online.

  1. Tuula – Jessica Stein is a fashion & travel blogger who’s blog documents her romantic and family visits to an incredible list of destinations. She monetizes her blog through fashion affiliate marketing, advertising and collaborations.
  2. Helena Bordon – Brazilian blogger who writes about fashion weeks, beauty, style news and travel. She runs an online fashion store, is a model and street style legend.
  3. BryanBoy – Philipino fashion blogger who has been a strong player on the global fashion scene for well over a decade. One of the original fashion bloggers he is now a highly sort after fashion commodity.
  4. Song of Style – Fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle blogger – Aimee is her own style and I love her for it. She stands out for all the right reasons in the world of fashion bloggers. Dior made her a personalized tote with ‘Aimee’ embroidered on the side – get my drift Lots of inspiration blog posts, stylish blog graphic design and heaps personality.
  5. Girl meets glam – Is Julia Engel you will either want to be Julia or have her as your best friend. She is as real as a blogger gets and expertly makes reading her blog fun and more-ish. You feel like you really get to know her and want to know her. She blogs about style, beauty, travel and fashion. Julia has been blogging since 2011 and has a lot to offer in the way of fashion and lifestyle bloggers.
  6. Sincerely Jules – Jules makes blogging look easy and effortless. We know better but she pulls this off in a seamless blog full of fashion, style and lifestyles edits, blog posts, affiliate products and collaborations.
  7. Gary Pepper Girl – Aka Aussie Nicole Warne is intriguing. One of fashion blogging’s pioneers she has made blogging an artform. Her photography, styling and layouts are Vogue standard. I can say that as I have worked at Vogue for many years.
  8. Atlantic Pacific – Blair is a street style star and clever entrepreneur she realised early in 2010 the shape the online world was taking and started blogging early. Making a very comfortable sum of money from brand collaborations and affiliate marketing.
  9. Amlul – Gala is an elite fashion blogger in both style, composition, composure and content. She creates captivating and current styles news. Gala carries her own personal style in a manner that is both elegant, classy and coveted.
  10. Neginmirsalehi – Is Dutch blogger Negin a model who blogs about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. She makes looking fabulous look easy. Beautiful blog photography and plenty of interesting blogging content.


5 Working Girl Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers Start A Fashion Blog Loves Right Now

  1. The Most Creative Working Girl StyleMemorandum
    Fashion savvy and clever styling for New York based  Mary Orton. Unique ways to wear the lastest street trends for the office.
  2. Best Working Girl Outfits9to5chic
    Stylish and achievable working girl inspirational outfit ideas. Anh creates her blog centred around; how to look chic 9 to 5.
  3. Favourite Girly Working Girl BlogExtra Petite
    As the name describes Jean does include other petite orientated outfit style solutions. Her ‘outfit by occasions’ workwear section has plenty of ideas. She includes working girl lifestyle topics beauty, cooking and travel for a highly comprehensive blog.
  4. Best High-Street Style Working Girl BlogShe Goes Wear
    Dorothy cleverly makes a high street fashion budget luxury designer.  Her expert style tips help readers to create workwear looks that are stylish and classic.
  5. Best Minimalist Working Girl StyleHarper and Harley
    Sara is one of Australia’s most successful fashion and lifestyle bloggers. Her signature minimalist workwear style has made her famous. She also runs the online store The Undone which focuses on minimalist fashion solutions.

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