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If you are reading this there is a good chance you are deciding on who is the best web hosting for your blog or website – a big decision. Today I will discuss web hosting, this is a suburb or street if you like to have your precious blog or website parked in.

Choosing the best web hosting for your blog or website is a big deal – the security or your blog or website is counting on your making the right choice in hosting providers.

Blogging changed my life, it has enabled me to do something I love, blogging provides me with a creative outlet, a way to connect with like-minded people, to work on my own schedule and make money! This can happen for you too.

The one thing I really struggled with was the best web hosting for my blog.

I researched for a long time and trialled and changed hosting – I made the switch to SiteGround.

I recommend if you are even thinking about blogging a little to jump in.

Click here to start a blog in 3 easy steps.

If you are confused about what to blog about this post will provide you with plenty of blogging niche ideas for your new blog and might just give you that extra motivation to start your blogging adventure.

When starting a new blog you want to make sure that you choose the right hosting company for you. I strongly recommend that choosing the cheapest option might not be the best idea. I now rely on my blogs as a source of income, it’s imperative it runs smoothly and is secure. For as little as $4.95 a month you can have SiteGround host your blog or website no extra costs. Keeping reading for why this decision is the right one for you.

Disclosure: Affiliate links included. I only recommend products and services I use and genuinely believe in. I may get a commission when you click a link – no cost to you. This is how I run my blog – you can too how to make money blogging.

For me, a hosting company must have excellent customer service, be affordable, fast and be the global leader in security – for these your answer is SiteGround.

Maybe you have been disgruntled by some other hosting companies, been less than satisfied by their customer service – I have been there.

I took a long time and did a lot of research before I made the switch to SiteGround. I wish I had been given the advice I am giving you know and had saved myself the saga and drama of hosting with another provider.

You can read about how to transfer from Bluehost to Siteground by blogging expert Suzi Whitford.

Be warned of hidden costs from other hosting providers.

If you are considering which hosting provider or are looking to switch from your existing host below will confirm why SiteGround is the provider you need.

I use SiteGround to host both my blogs. I am not here to slam other companies for their wrongdoings I am not into that – positive vibes only. But I was with another company before SiteGround since making the swap I haven’t second-guessed that decision.

Web Hosting

SiteGround the price is the price – a lot of other companies sound cheap on the surface but you end up paying more than SiteGround for necessary extras like security and speed!

Set up your blog with SiteGround for the lower price of $4.95 a month – no extra costs.

SiteGround advertises a price and that’s the price – no hidden extra costs – $4.95 a month!

I am busy – as I am sure you are. I cannot be fussed with wasting time when I need an expert to find a solution for my trouble, problem – to fix what is broken that I can’t. In my experience, SiteGround bends over backwards and do this. They have helped me with a WordPress issue that has not been really anything to do with SiteGround. But solved my problems they did!

I have been happy and 100% satisfied with choosing SiteGround. Early on I contacted SiteGround’s customer service, I felt supported, served and my questions answered. A transcript of the conversation is emailed which is very useful for reference. The staff are rated and employee of the month is a highly published on their site and sort after position.

A helpful tip I received from SiteGround’s customer service was how to create a ‘coming soon’ landing page for your new blog or website.

11 things I wish I had known before starting a blog

11 Reasons why the best web hosting company for your blog or website is SiteGround

The reasons you should choose SiteGround to host your blog are long. You can google and google the comparisons.

The Smart Blogger has written a comprehensive post about why you should use SiteGround to host your blog. The Smart Blogger houses 24 blogs and websites with SiteGround – so knows a little thing or two!

I investigated, read reviews and can sincerely feel secure in my decision to use SiteGround and recommend them to other bloggers and online content creators.

1. Speed

SiteGround has engaged HTTP/2 which is the newest network protocol. What this means for you is you are getting the quickest in loading time. A remarkable difference compared to other host companies. Sped up loading time means more visitor engagement – waiting isn’t something people like to do, helps visitors stay engaged, plus and keeps Google and SEO happy.

2. Security

Don’t leave your new blog open to hacker and to be violated.

3. Free SSL certificate

This is a huge advantage and benefit for selecting SiteGround to host your blog.

Why do you need an SSL certificate for your blog?

The HTTP/2 network requires an SSL certificate to encrypt the connection for a safer experience and place to host your blog or website.

Once you have started your SiteGround account head to ‘my account’ and click ‘Go to cPanel’ the scroll down to ‘security’ the link above will give you clear instructions. It only takes 1 minute – link to how to install SiteGround’s free SSL certificate.

4. Up-Time

No one wants there blog to be down – your hard earned traffic and social following getting an error message when they visit your content. SiteGround proudly offers an outstanding record – 99.99% up-time! Though if you look into it more than likely you will get a 100% uptime result. Wow, factor.

5. No Hidden Costs

SiteGround includes a lot of extra security in their hosting cost. Other hosting companies require an extra payment on top of their hosting costs, SiteGround it’s all built in. SiteGround has HackAlert one of the best early warning programs available.

Get SiteGround for only $4.95 a month – no hidden costs. Be aware a lot of other blog hosting providers sound cheap but add in extra costs for things you will need.

6. HackAlert

HackAlert is powered by GlobalSign the global leader in SSL security and certificate authentication. They also have DDOS protection (Distributed denial of service) protection which is a hardware firewall filtering and local software filtering, they check for a large number of failed logins when someone/a bot is trying to access your blog. Their IDS and IPS systems also block malicious attacks. A lot of information but my point is better to choose SiteGround and let them do what they do best and you do what you do best.

7. Customer Service

Available 24 hrs / 365 days, SiteGround have outstanding customer reviews! Always. They respond fast, acknowledged and actually solve, answer and help. This is not something that many companies can promote.

8. User-friendly

Whether you are a beginner or expert blogger or online content creator SiteGround is user-friendly. A lot of bloggers are moving to SiteGround – which sounds daunting but in fact is super easy. You can read about how to transfer from Bluehost to Siteground by blogging expert Suzi Whitford.

SiteGround is top of the hosting game. They make life easy!

9. Experienced

SiteGround has been in the hosting game for 11 years which in the online world is equal to about 50 years experience. They have evolved and stood the test of time, they are innovative, secure and know how to host your blog. You can trust SiteGround.

10. Cloud Hosting

You can access your details whenever and where ever – the optimal and premium in speed, data transfer, memory and space.

11. 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Try SiteGround and if you are not satisfied, get your money back no fuss.

Get SiteGround for only $4.95 a month – no hidden costs.

Still, need more confirmation?

This comparison between BlueHost and SiteGround outlines everything you could possibly need to know. Guess who the winner is? Yep, SiteGround wins hands down.


Gaining traffic writing about an interesting and highly searched niche is a start but you need to find a way to monetize your blog.

For further reading on how to make money blogging.

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