10 Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers Earning more than $40,000 a Month Online


How To Start A Blog And Make Money (with very little spare time)

Underwhelmed by your job? Are you looking to start a hobby to be your creative outlet? To make money on the side? Create a part-time business that might actually become your career?

If you are interested in learning how to make extra money start here – How to start a blog in 30 minutes

The potential to make more money and work less is a genuine achievable goal.

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The best fashion and style blog niches to get more traffic?

What blog niches about fashion and style get the most traffic?

Do you feel unsure of what blog niche to choose? Do you wonder which blog posts get the most traffic and make money? So good we are thinking the same thing! This blog question is one that I googled myself and decided to write a post to answer my own google question.

I am Harper Sinclair, I spend all my little pockets and moments of free time blogging. I have ownmuse.com as well as this blog. I have worked for net-a-porter.com, Vogue and Harper Bazaar for well over a decade before changing focus to full-time blogging. I know a lot about fashion, blogging and everything in between and I want to share that with like-minded blogging friends out there.

The best fashion and style blog niches to get more traffic and make money?

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How to start a minimalist fashion blog

How to start a minimalist blog, fashion bloggers, beauty blog how to, style bloggers tip and ideas. Blogging inspiration, blog inspo

Hi, so good to have you here – Start a Fashion Blog is an educational resource for anybody interested in blogging. I am Harper and I have been working passionately and at times endlessly hard on my style, fashion and well-being blog ownmuse.com and learned so much I have created startafashionblog.com to share all that I have learned.

Minimalism is a trendy popular niche at the moment – a niche that is only going to increase in interest. Life isn’t slowing down, social media, and the feeling we are always needing to be on is full on. We don’t have much control over the matter. One thing we can control is how we live, our lifestyle, our home our style our wardrobe – this is where becoming a minimalist is becoming more of a topical, and minimalism becoming more important than ever before.

Quick blogging tip: I wanted to mention if you take one piece of advice from this blog – as a new blogger check out Tailwind. There is an overwhelming amount to do as a new blogger and above all, you want what you blog amount to reach people. Tailwind automates your social reach. Sign up for FREE – you can cancel if you change your mind its the perfect first step. xx

Back to this post… Minimalism is a quest to own less – that is own fewer possessions. The less is more motto is the core of being a minimalist. Those that have achieved creating a minimalist wardrobe speak of a new found freedom, being liberated, having more to wear and no longer craving to spend.

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