Hello, Are you a blogger? Blogging changed my life – has it changed yours? I find it empowering as I can communicate with like-minded people like you from anywhere on the planet. Blogging is an incredible creative outlet and a slow but getting there form of finance. Wouldn’t you like to create the same opportunities for yourself? Or have you already?

I know when I have a blog idea it takes me a long time before I actually start a blog on that topic. Yes, I have several blogs. Do you? One at a time my friend, one at a time. Are you thinking about a new blog idea? I can assure you what a huge relief it is to finally start a blog that was previously just an idea. If you haven’t started blogging yet I encourage you to just do it – if you have a blog but want to start another – do it – today! You can start a blog very quickly in just 30minutes by following these step-by-step how to start a blog instructions in 30 minutes or less.

Are you already blogging? Then this blog advice is for you! It comes from A LOT of blogging ups and downs – these are the brands I trust to house, facilitate and help me with blogging. Some affiliate links are included – should you choose to click through I may earn a commission – no cost to you! Thank you for your supportive clicks. xx, Harper.

These are my favourite blogging resources – my secrets to a successful blog.

I have all my domain names with GoDaddy. (I love to own good domain names – I have many)

There are two strategies in obtaining your domain name. Personally, my strategy is to have lots of domain names ‘just in case’. I love blogging and have future plans, I have domains purchased and parked. So GoDaddy is ideal for me as I have a secure place to store them, keep track of them and easily renew or activate them when I need too.

  1. One domain name for $0.99 – If you think you might want to this but only have one name, for now, take advantage of this huge money saving offer. Click this link to GoDaddy and register your domain name as a Start a Fashion Blog reader you can get your first domain for $0.99! If you have one domain name in mind then yes you can use the recommended hosting company below to buy your domain and host your blog.
  2. Special Start a Fashion Blog reader offer 30% off your entire order – If you want to buy a few domain names ‘in case’ then click this link to get 30% discount off your entire order.

I use SiteGround to host my blogs – they go above and beyond in support and customer service – when things break which they will you will be so grateful you are with SiteGround.

Fast, secure and with the highest level of customer service SiteGround is the hosting company you want to use. This is the hosting company I use! A lot companies have a base level pricing that you need to top up to get more security and features – be warned. SiteGround has a price with everything built in and offers more security than competitors. You can read more about SiteGround in this blog post clicking this link here How to start your blog in 30 minutes or less.

They offer a money back guarantee – you can investigate and/or sign up here.

For scheduling social media use Tailwind.

Tailwind is a ‘genius’ marketing virtual assistant, especially useful when you are starting out and you are completely floored with being overwhelmed with a to-do list.

Tailwind works out the best time for my niche and demographic to pin to Pinterest and post to Instagram. If that is 2am my time because that when my main audience in the US is online, it works and I sleep. Hugely satisfying. The time it takes to load everything is so fulfilling – it’s quick and easy. I can load 2 weeks worth of content in about 20/30 minutes. Done and dusted.

My blogs email marketing is with Convertkit.

I use Convertkit for all my blogs email marketing. They have been created with bloggers and creatives requirements at the forefront of what they do. They have highly effective customer service and problem resolution solutions. Even the smallest question I have been able to get a quick response too – resolving how-to achieve something without any grief.

I really like how they have designed the interface with the email sequences and sales funnels being displayed in a digestible and easy to understand manner. You can rea utilise a lot of complex functions at the expert level if you wish but getting off to a quick start is easy and the beginner level is a breeze.

PS So far – all real subscribers, yes I can confirm – NO BOT sign ups!!!

I organise my blog finances using Freshbooks.

Being a fashion and style blogger, guess what, accounting is not my thing! Freshbooks changes all that, they make getting paid easy. It’s easy with blogging to have many different sources of income and be working flat out. Invoicing and following up outstanding payments is an extremely time-consuming chore.

Only 50cents a transaction versus PayPal charges which are 2-6%, even us fashion bloggers and e-commerce stores know that doesn’t make sense. Keep track of all your invoices, travel, sourcing, advertising and collaborations. You can even estimate and predicts future expenses – imagine being that organised!

Have a look here – you will be so satisfied and trust me having this little sector of your business sorted is liberating. I want to help you to connect, be creative and hopefully make money blogging! It’s an amazing journey.

Email me at with any suggestions, tips and/or partnership ideas – I would love to hear from you.