The best fashion and style blog niches to get more traffic?

What blog niches about fashion and style get the most traffic?

Do you feel unsure of what blog niche to choose? Do you wonder which blog posts get the most traffic and make money? So good we are thinking the same thing! This blog question is one that I googled myself and decided to write a post to answer my own google question.

I am Harper Sinclair, I spend all my little pockets and moments of free time blogging. I have as well as this blog. I have worked for, Vogue and Harper Bazaar for well over a decade before changing focus to full-time blogging. I know a lot about fashion, blogging and everything in between and I want to share that with like-minded blogging friends out there.

The best fashion and style blog niches to get more traffic and make money?

Many successful fashion, style, beauty and lifestyle blogs are a journey. The author is learning themselves and evolving with their blog. People like to see this. They like to see a process – don’t think you need to be perfect for refined to be interesting.

This being said I think some niches are easier than others to make money. I think you need a face to your brand. I think having YouTube videos helps your brands. I think real life experience – the good and the bad, help your brand.

What are some of the best fashion and style blog niches to consider?

Here are a few ideas – there is a potentially endless array of options for fashion and style blogs.

With an ever-increasing number of beauty, well-being and lifestyle blogging niches to choose from.

Have fun – see what jumps out at you. xx, Harper

  • Bags – Everyday and Designer
  • Shoes
  • Jewellery & Accessories
  • Lingerie
  • Vintage Clothing
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Petite
  • Plus size
  • Maternity
  • Mama Style
  • Everyday Casual
  • Workwear
  • College / University Style
  • Designer Fashion
  • Sustainable & Ethical Fashion
  • Thrift Fashion and Shopping
  • Luxury for less
  • Sustainable Style
  • Ethical Style
  • Small One Off Designers
  • Sale Shopping
  • Product Reviews
  • Runway Trends
  • Street Style Trends
  • Fashion in Literature
  • Fashion in Art
  • Sewing
  • Knitting/Crochet Tutorials
  • Handmade Fashion
  • Denim Style
  • Denim DIY
  • Fashion History
  • Textile History
  • Fashion News
  • Fashion Technology
  • Fashion Social Media
  • Fashion Business
  • Fashion PR
  • Personal Style
  • Wedding Style: Designer / DIY / Sustainable / Vintage
  • Trend Forecasting
  • Lifestyle Fashion Photography
  • Editorial Fashion Photography
  • Fashion Photography Tutorials
  • Fashion Models
  • Fashion Designer News
  • Fashion Feminism
  • Fashion Body Image
  • Celebrity Fashion: Trends / Get The Look
  • Vintage Fashion Photography
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Fashion Memes
  • Styling: Personal
  • Styling: Editorial

Find a problem and solve it

People are looking for a solution, they are looking for the best solution to their problem. If you can identify a problem your audience is having, connect with your audience and solve that problem you are creating a successful blog. Creating a successful blog will then lead to more traffic and more money for you.

This takes time – patience, perseverance and persistence. A LOT of this!

What do blog readers want from a blog?

  • People want to better themselves, to be happier, healthier, more stylish.
  • They want to connect with someone who is achieving what they want to achieve.
  • People want to feel like the blogger is a good person. They have worked hard for what they have but they deserve to have what the reader wants.
  • Communicate a shared dream over the internet.

How to choose the best and most successful blog niche?

First things first – have you started your blog? Following this easy and simple guide How to set up your blog in 30 minutes?

  • Create a blog with a purpose.
  • People want to feel they have someone who cares, who is listening, who wants them to succeed.
  • When they read your blog they are entering a supportive community of like-minded people.
  • A blog is a place to belong and connect.

Do you need a passion for your blog niche?

I do. But this being said you can write about anything as long as you can create enough content, easily enough. You could create a successful blog without passion for that niche especially once you starting making money. It’s easy to be motivated once you have money coming in – but you need to get to that point for that to be what is motivating you.

If you choose to write about your passion for minimalism and you are a hoarder, it could work as you change your ways and show others how they could do the same. If you are a fitness addict you could support others in the quest to live a fitter and more healthy life. But to write about these things you have passion – right? I think it helps you enjoy what you do.

  • You want to make people feel good reading your blog.
  • You want to be able to monetize your blog.

What is the number one best tip to a successful blog?

Stop over thinking about it so much! It’s not blog procrastination but more blog perfectionist. You have a foreseen blog style, blog identity – a blog vision. You want to communicate this blog identity to your audience. You want everything you produce to be perfect. There is no time for perfect and honestly, people don’t expect it.

So, get writing, start doing and producing content. Yes, it should be high-quality content, unique, original and interesting. But it doesn’t need to be perfect. So many blogs don’t take off because people firstly don’t realize how much there is to do blogging. They don’t realize how much time you need to commit. How obsessed with the blogging dream and how focused. They give up before they even get started.

Blogs look easy – you write this, post that and traffic comes in and you make money.

Yes, that’s how it works but you need – you must stick to the plan above.

Start big and channel in! Believe in your idea and see what happens.


Gaining traffic writing about an interesting and highly searched niche is a start but you need to find a way to monetize your blog. For further reading on how to make money blogging.

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